Interpretation of the terms


SHIJIMI are small bivalve clams. They live in brackish lakes, where the water of rivers and seas blend, feeding off plankton through the filter in their bodies. They also clean the lakes while eating.

In Japan it is popular to eat SHIJIMI in miso soup. The shells were even found at Sannai-Maruyama Ruins built in thousands of years ago in Aomori.

"Eat healthy, live healthy" concept

Japan is the one of few countries in which western medicine and Chinese medicine are in harmony. We try not rely solelyon medicine and doctors, so we promote good health by having a balanced diet.

That is the "Eat healthy, live healthy" concept

Washoku, or traditional Japanese cuisine, was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in December 2013. One of the features of washoku, is its ideal balance of nutrition.

The basic Japanese cuisine style is `one soup and three dishes`. SHIJIMI are is one of main ingredients for the soup and have been loved by the Japanese as one of the healthy ingredients called Yakuzen.

The custom of SHIJIMI for drinking

SHIJIMI have high quality amino-acids and nutrient components in good balance, which are good for people who drink. We naturally consume the clams in our daily diet.


Ornithine is a free amino-acid, meaning that it is absorbed by your body as soon as it is digested. Natural ornithine is very rare in other foods.

KANSUKE has 200~250mg of ornithine per 100g ( about 2.70mg per 6 capsules).

It has been found that ornithine has some physiologic functions such as recovering from fatigue. We will continue studying it further.

Nutritional functioning food

Nutritional functioning foods are foods which are able to supply nutrients. SHIJIMI fulfill the standards set by the Governmental Consumer Affairs Agency and show the functions of nutrient components.


HPMC(Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose)is a highly safe, plant derived capsule which is used for medicines. It enables us to keep powdered SHIJIMI for a long time and make KANSUKE safer and more convenient.


Most of the iron of SHIJIMI stays in the meat and is not water-soluble. KANSUKE extracted from water has little iron in it. Thus you there is no burden placed on your liver by excessive intake of iron.

The certificate of Aomori Pharmaceutical Association Sanitary Survey Center