How to take KANSUKE・Nutrient component

1. How to take KANSUKE

KANSUKE is rich the good quality proteins and amino acids (especially alanine and ornithine) of SHIJIMI.

KANSUKE is a natural food. It is not like medicine, and anyone can safely consume it.

We recommend the following intake to suit your lifestyle.

※ Please stop taking KANSUKE if it doesn`t agree with you.

2. Nutrient components of KANSUKE

Nutrient components of 200 capsules of KANSUKE(40g)

We can produce only 0.8kg of the powder from 100 kg of SHIJIMI. In other words, the nutrients of SHIJIMI are condensed by 1/125.

We use about 5 kg of SHIJIMI for one bottle of KANSUKE (200 capsules).

For Japanese people, it is popular to eat SHIJIMI in miso soup. One capsule contains the same amount of the extract of SHIJIMI as a bowl of miso soup.

3. Comparison with JHFS standards

Comparison with JHFS standards in "processed food of SHIJIMI"
※JFHA standards are set by Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association

processed food of SHIJIMIs
JHFA standards
The rate of SHIJIMI extract ※1More than 15%100%
The amount of glycogen ※2More than 3g/100g41g/100g
Weight of encapsulant ※3Less than 50%per capsule20% per capsule

※1 The rate of pure extract of SHIJIMI (weight when dried)

※2 Shellfish is rich in glycogen. It is one of the carbohydrate used as energy (nutritional fortification). The amount of glycogen will be less if use carbohydrates from plants such as starch are used.

※3 The part of the coating film to cover the useful component. The ratio of the film of a hard capsule is less than a soft one because hard capsules are thinner than soft ones.