How to produce KANSUKE


1. Our skillful staff bid on fresh SHIJIMI at the markets at Lake Jusanko and Lake Ogawarako, which are famous for SHIJIMI in Aomori. We also purchase them directly from contracted fishermen.

2. We transport the SHIJIMI to our factory on the same day. We are also able to purchase shijimi from all over Japan upon customer's request.

3. We remove the sand in the clams, wash them, and check the quality one by one.

4. We put the clams into a big iron pot and simmer them to extract the nutrients into the broth.Only SHIJIMI clam caught in Japan are used for the pure extract of YAMATO SHIJIMI "KANSUKE".

※ We dry the broth to be keep it fresh.

5. The broth is filtered twice and the shells, meat, and waste are separated completely.

6. The broth is dried and powdered through our unique process.

※ We can produce 1~1.5 kg of powder from 150 kg of SHIJIMI.( The nutrients of SHIJIMI are condensed into 1/125 of the size.)

7. The extracted powder is encapsulated in plant-based capsules.

8. KANSUKE, the pure extract of SHIJIMI is finally made.