Corporate profile・development

K.K. Fukushima Shoten is a wholesaler of and a trader shellfish established in 1960 in Aomori.

We are a unique company as we bid, process and sell SHIJIMI. We are the top dealer of SHIJIMI in Aomori which is famous for the clams.

KANSUKE, the pure extract of SHIJIMI in Aomori has been popular for 20 years in Japan.

Company outline

Company name

K.K. Fukushima Shoten

Head Office

Tonyamachi 1-2-13, Aomori city, Aomori prefecture

GoogleMaps:40.790704, 140.760420


K.K. Shijimichan Honpo

K.K. Hokuyu Foods

Company development

1960 Founded to ship SHIJIMI from Lake Jusanko and Lake Ogawarako in Aomori
1974 Incorporated
1995 Started studying SHIJIMI and begin developing natural health food
1997 Completed the 100% powder production of SHIJIMI
1998 Started selling KANSUKE, the pure extract of SHIJIMI in Aomori
2004 Acquired the patent (Patent No. 3573676) in Japan; Method of processing SHIJIMI and producing the extract
2006 Acquired the patent (Patent No. 3848986) in Japan; Method of processing SHIJIMI
2012 Acquired the patent (Patent No. 5140814) in Japan; Method of producing items using the effect of protein stabilization by acorbine of SHIJIMI.
2013 Acquired the patent (Patent No. 5245053) in Japan; Method of synthesizing tripeptides to produce an enzyme solution.
2015 KANSUKE, the pure extract of SHIJIMI from Aomori was approved as a ` Tourist souvenir recommended by Aomori Prefecture ` by Aomori Prefecture Association of Product Promotion
2016 Acquired the patent (Patent No. 6003018) in Japan; Composition for liver protection, medicine compositions and compositions for protecting cells
2018 Opening of the English Website