Features of KANSUKE

1. MADE IN JAPAN quality

K.K. Fukushima Shoten which is located in Aomori prefecture where the best SHIJIMI clams grow, proudly produces KANSUKE, the pure extract of SHIJIMI.

We conduct physical, chemical, and microbial analyses on all products, and deposit the powder in capsules at our GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) approved factory.

We produce KANSUKE with "MADE IN JAPAN" quality.

2. Carefully-selected ingredients

KANSUKE is the powder of the purest extract of SHIJIMI clams. K.K. Fukushima Shoten one of the leading SHIJIMI wholesalers, has developed the pure extracted powder to consume the SHIJIMI's beneficial nutrients after years of research and examination.

KANSUKE is made of SHIJIMI clams and HPMC.

Slowly simmering the clams, we use the pure broth to produce powder by using our unique method.

Similar products have additives such as oil, fats and excipients in soft capsules and tablets because the powder of SHIJIMI is hygroscopic.

The prices of those products are cheaper than KANSUKE because they are mixed with other ingredients and less SHIJIMI extract.

To deliver 100% of SHIJIMI extract to customers, we encapsulate the powder in highly safe capsules called HPMC, which are plant-derived.

3. Nutritional functioning food

KANSUKE has been sold as a nutritional functioning food (vitamin B12) in Japan. Vitamin B12 helps red blood cell production.

When you take KANSUKE, please be reminded of the nutritional information:

Nutrition component of 3~6 capsules (per 0.6~2.0g)
Vitamin B121.57~5.24μg

The study of Aomori Pharmaceutical Association Sanitary Survey Center

4. Patents in Japan

We, K.K. Fukushima Shoten and Aomori Prefectural Industrial Technology Research Center have jointly studied SHIJIMI clams and obtained several patents in Japan.

Main patents as follows:

These patents apply to the production of KANSUKE.