The Power of Japanese SHIJIMI

YAMATO SHIJIMI clams are rich in both essential and free amino acids which play an important role in health maintenance.

They also contain an amino acid called "acorbine", which has been confirmed as beneficial for liver protection.

1. Essential amino acids

Amino acids are components of protein. There are nine kinds of amino acids the human body cannot produce, called "essential amino acid". They have to be consumed from foods.

The nine essential amino acids cannot be efficiently absorbed if the component ration is not balanced, meaning how much nutrition you can derive from the other eight acids is in proportion to the size of the least amino acid.

The ratio balance of nine acids is a very important index to measure the actual amount of essential amino-acids that can be absorbed by the human body.

In terms of SHIJIMI varieties in Japan, YAMATO SHIJIMI has one of the best ratio balance of nine essential amino acids.

2. Free amino acid

Besides 20 amino acids to produce proteins, 9 kinds of essential amino acids and 11 kinds of non-essential amino acids in human body, there are other kinds of amino acids. Some of them are called "free amino acids", which do not re-produce proteins.

Most amino acids in food are recombined with protein. They can be absorbed only after digestive enzymes break them down, but free amino acids are absorbed as soon as they are taken.

KANSUKE contains 18 kinds of free amino acids, including "Ornithine" which has been in the spotlight lately.

Content of free amino acid per 200 capsules of KANSUKE (40g)
Methionine34.0mgAspartic acid65.2mg
Cystine----mgGlutamic acid238.8mg
Valine72.0mgOther amino acid41.6mg

The study of Aomori Pharmaceutical Association Sanitary Survey Center

3. "Acorbine" is good for liver protection

A new patent on SHIJIMI was approved in 2016.

K.K. Fukushima Shoten and Aomori Prefectual Industrial Technology Research Center jointly obtained the patent (patent No. 6003018), that proves "acorbine", uniqueky found in SHIJIMI clams, is beneficial to liver support.

Acorbine is a tripeptide bonding in the order of β-alanine, ornithine and ornithine from N-terminal. It is only found in SHIJIMI clams in nature.

Fat globules formed in the livers of mice who were given alcohol and saline but not the ones with alcohol and acorbine.

Since fat globules may result in a fatty liver and cirrhosis, it is a great discovery that the nutrition in SHIJIMI can prevent the possible causes of such diseases.